For all intents and purposes, Paintball is war. Watch a match between experienced paintballers and then watch some newsreel footage of long passed 20th century conflicts and you’ll find that there’s more than a little similarity between the way soldiers and paintball participants comport themselves in combat. If you’re a paintballer yourself and want a weapon that is as badass as you feel when you’re engaged in multicolored strife then you should head on over to Goblin’s Deuce Double-Barrel Paintball Pistol and get yourself one of these fine weapons.


Unlike all of the other paintball weapons that have come before it, this Paintball Pistol is double-barreled meaning that you’ll have a much more explosive effect when employed in close-to-mid-range. Each one of these bad boys comes with two air cartridges, a four barrel sizer kit, tactical holster, O-ring kits, and an air adapter. Basically everything you need to get out onto the battlefield and kick some butt.

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Meet The World's First Double-Barreled Paintball Pistol
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