With the recent release of the Nest Protect, some consumers are scratching their heads wondering if forking out a whopping $99 for a fancy looking smoke detector is worth it. Fortunately, there is a new product, the Roost, that resonates extremely well not only towards our wallets, but also towards a future where the technology behind the Roost can be utilized in a broader range of services. Starting as a simple concept that exploded into a tiny little battery (yes, a battery), the Roost is the worlds finest “smart” battery that powers your old fashioned, and cheap, smoke detectors.


When you choose the Roost, the small smart battery not only gives your smoke detector power, but upgrades it instantly through the use of the Roost’s WiFi capability and through your smartphone. Installation is simple and requires you to simply connect the battery to the WiFi through your phone, give it a name like “Master Bedroom”, and put it into your smoke detector. The Roost lasts 5 years before replacement, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing your smoke alarm’s batteries anymore. While the Roost is installed, it sends you constant updates on the state of the battery, the state of the smoke detector, and will send alerts to your phone when their is an alarm so you can respond to an emergency immediately when out of your home. Also, they will be less than $35. I’m game.

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Meet Roost: A Smart Battery for Smoke Detectors
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