It’s kind of unusual for us to give restaurant menu items a lead slot here at inStash, but when your burger is a cheesesteak draped atop one half of a donut and then covered with the other half, you’ve got our attention. This coronary waiting to happen comes from Philadelphia’s own PYT restaurant, which is renowned for its off-the-wall menu selection. However, even the owner admits this one goes to the extreme and that it should only be “eaten in moderation.”

As for the specs:

“The Donut Cheesesteak Burger consists of a glazed donut split in half and grilled,” he explains. “Next, the beef patty is added and topped with cheddar. Then add the Philly cheesesteak — a ‘Whiz Wit’ — topped with cheese whiz and fried onions.”

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Meet PYT's Donut Cheesesteak Burger
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