What do you imagine when you think of robot assistants? Probably some kind of mechanical butler who follows you on your every whim, right? Well, that’s one way to imagine them, another way is to think of Tumblr. Yep, Tumblr. You see, an enterprising young student has actually created the first artificial intelligence robot — dubbed Peeqo — to communicate entirely in GIFs. While you might disdain the idea as just a publicity ploy, there’s a certain logic here: GIFs oftentimes convey emotion or reasoning in ways that are inherently richer than just words.

In terms of capabilities, this robot can help make your life that much easier by doing anything that Google Home or Alexa can do. It can load up Spotify, turn off your lights, play music, take video, and much much more. There’s no pricing information on Peeqo just yet so stay tuned to the page below for more.

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Meet Peeqo: An Alexa-Powered Robot That Communicates In GIFs
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