The house of the future won’t be using a wall-mounted security system in order to keep you safe an sound. Instead, what the home of the future will be using is a sentry robot. While that might sound too sci-fi for you, let us be the ones to assure you that it’s real: sentry robots are amongst us and they might cost cheaper than you may think.


Meet the iPatrol. Made by a company called Riley, this handy little robot cruises around your home with built-in tank tracks, HD camera, motion sensor, and even night vision module. While it lacks any sort of weapon system, it will be able to alert you (and by extension police, should you choose to act on its notification) every time it spots an intruder via its smartphone companion app. It’ll even livestream your home to you so you can always have peace of mind.

At $229, this robot comes with a microphone and speakers built in — a great addition that will allow you to both yell at home intruders as well as speak to your beloved pets.

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Meet iPatrol, The World's First Home Security Sentry Robot
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