Meet Eva, the world’s first smart shower device. That means that Eva actually helps reduce your water usage up to 50% without actually changing your shower experience. How? First of all, Eva can use its heat sensor to track the moment when the water hits your desired temperature and then cuts the water flow so no water is wasted before you actually get into the water. Eva is also equipped with several sensors which allow it to change the water flow depending on whether you’re rinsing, shampooing, lathering, or shaving.


Eva is designed to work with any shower head and its designers claim that no complicated setups are necessary to get it to work. It also pairs with your smartphone so users can set goals for shower lengths or receive alerts if you’re taking too long.

Detailed statistics on your water usage is also available so you can ensure that you’re, well y’know, not consuming all the world’s fresh water or anything. It’s rare that we see a piece of tech that’s both economical and environmentally beneficial and if saving the world one shower at a time sounds appealing to you then Eva is a must-have shower attachment.


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Meet Eva, The World's First Smart Shower Device
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