Modular technology. Upgradeability. Both of these terms seem somewhat discredited in a world where Google’s Project Ara was cancelled and Apple has managed to convince most consumers that it’s not necessary to ever upgrade their computer. While almost all seems lost in the consumer electronics space, Decibel is taking both of these ideas back to the mainstream with their new Upgradeable Speaker.

As its name implies, this speaker was built with upgradeability in mind. It actually allows you to replace any part inside of its anodized aluminum chassis including the speakers themselves (which come with dual two-inch cast alloy bass drivers and two soft dome tweeters), its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and even any of the electronics which sit on its board.

While upgradeability is clearly the focus here, other features include charging over USB-C or its wireless charging dock, and “linking” with other Decibel units for louder sound. More below.

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