Coffee. It’s that magical stamina-restoring elixir that we all know and love. But do we really really? For example, did you know that coffee didn’t have to be a dark brown? Some of the best coffee in the world is actually clear!

Now before you dismiss this article as the rantings of a madman, let me explain: Clear Coffee, a new transparent drink promises all the taste of traditional coffee without the color. Why would someone want that? Well, to keep your pearly whites from getting stained, of course. Dentists the world over tend to agree that the cause for some many yellowing choppers in the world is our over consumption of coffee.

Clear Coffee won’t have any of those issues. It’s made entirely from quality Arabica coffee beans along with pure water and is available without any artificial flavoring, preservatives, sugar, or sweeteners.

Order your own via the link below!

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Meet Clear Coffee, The World's First Transparent Coffee
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