It seems like every aspect of our technology is getting to the point where we could probably say “I love you, Siri” without making heads turn in dismay. Virtual assistants are becoming more and more prominent in our modern world whether it’s your phone, tablet, television, or gaming system. Amazon has taken it to the next level and created a device that’s sole purpose is to be your virtual assistant. The Echo is a small, cylindrical device ready to take orders.



With the Echo, you can pretty much ask it, or should I say her, whatever you desire. You simply activate the device by saying “Alexa” and then tell her a command. You can ask about the weather, sports, news, set up alarms and reminders, and even general knowledge questions. Since the Echo is connected to the internet via WiFi at all times, the entire world wide web is at your disposal. The Echo is also connected to your Amazon account, so you can even ask to start playing your favorite song. With the Echo’s high microphone sensitivity, you don’t even have to get up from the couch to ask a question. Alexa will hear you.

For a limited time only, Amazon prime members will get a $100 discount and only pay $99 for the Echo.

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Meet Amazon's Echo: Hello Alexa
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