The Echo is Amazon’s newest ambitious product which serves two functions. First of all, it’s a Bluetooth speaker for your devices, but that’s not where the real innovation lies. The really unique aspect of Echo lies in its personal assistant feature, Alexa.

Alexa can add things to a basic to-do list or to a shopping list. Much like Apple competitor, Siri, She can also answer basic questions such as “What’s the weather like today?” or “How many tablespoons are in a cup?”. Alexa also has a funny bone and can actually tell jokes to brighten your day. How’s that for AI?


Amazon Echo is compatible with iOS and Android devices alike. There’s also a remote control that can be used as a microphone in order to speak to Alexa when you’re not near the Echo basestation. The Echo and Alexa will surely make your life conveniet in nearly imperceptible ways and isn’t the best tech, the tech that gets out of the way while making your life just that much better?

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Meet Alexa, Amazon Echo's New Personal Assistant
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