Sometimes a vodka just…speaks to you. MEDEA Vodka doesn’t just speak, it broadcasts a message up to 255 characters across the bottle on an LED label.

Made using the purest artisan water, MEDEA Vodka is distilled 16 times in Schiedam, Holland, but you’re not here to taste great vodka. You’re here to push buttons and watch the label flash something immature to your party guests.

The ticker can store up to six messages at a time and lasts for over a year. It’s operational for 40 continuous hours, so you can broadcast your messages over 500 times before having to replace the battery. After three minutes of continuous use, the display will turn off to conserve power.

It’ll be interesting to see how depraved the messages get as the bottle gets lighter. But hey – it beats having to answer for a drunk text to an old girlfriend the next morning.

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Medea Vodka
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