McLaren created, better yet conceptualized, the virtually fastest car for Gran Turismo Sport: the Ultimate Vision GT. It claims to have 1,150  bhp hybrid powertrain, 940lb ft of torque, twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, high output electric motors, and an Integrated Active Aero that helps cornering through creating additional downforce.

Carbon fiber has also been used significantly so it stays virtually lightweight at just approximately 1000kg. The driver is placed in a central position just like the old times with the McLaren F1. That means you are in a prone position, with stomach facing down.

Although that position seems to be uncomfortable, McLaren claims it gives drivers an “unobstructed view of braking points and apexes.” It also declares it will deliver sensory overload through amazing sounds and acceleration.

OK, we’ll take that. And we also hope this becomes a real car in the near future.

Gran Turismo Sport will be exclusively available to PS4 on October 17.

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McLaren Ultimate Vision GT
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