The off-center, awkward self-shot pic seemed poised to go the way of Ultimate Frisbee or the microcassette recorder. They just make the shooter-subject look like a 12-year-old girl.  Now, MaxStone, the remote for your digicam, is here to bring some production values to self-shot pics, which may keep them around a while longer.

MaxStone looks not unlike a guitar pick.  You tie it to your camera (it’s compatible with the major brands), and then control it with your iPhone.  You can also set a timer to get your duck face ready for the shot.

It also has a time-lapse function for tracking the progress of your garden or stalking your neighbor. Now, before you can ask, “does it use Bluetooth?” yes, it uses Bluetooth.  Now you’re going to buy five. Be the first in the genre of little buttons tethered to something controlled by something else!

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MaxStone: Giving Second Wind To The Selfie
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