If you give more importance to your appearance, especially when it comes to menswear and hygiene, you’ve probably heard of Marvis toothpaste. It is distributed in around 45 countries and commonly sold in independent stores.

Marvis exceeds the old-fashioned concept of toothpaste. According to the company, it is the premise for creating ironic and unusual, yet welcoming and attractive tastes, which captivate you in a whirlwind of sensations. The Marvis toothpaste is mintier than other common toothpaste sold in the market. It was hailed by many and took its reputation amongst the smokers because of its ability to freshen up every smoker’s breath.

The Marvis Toothpaste is made in Italy, vegan, Cruelty free, Gluten free, Paraben free, and Fluoride free. The formulas are based on the standard processing method that ensures an extraordinarily bright, maximum protection, compact texture, and dense smile. Marvis’ flavors are created by combining innovative notes and unmistakable freshness to provide you with pleasurable and long-lasting taste sensation while it offsets the aroma of mint. The goal of the company is to help you prevent plaque, tartar, and decay, as well as, protect and whiten your teeth while giving you fresh breath all day long.

Created in a cutting-edge FDA-approved facility in Italy, the Marvis toothpaste is a special product because it aims to surpass the old-fashioned concept of toothpaste. The seven flavors are Jasmin, Classic Strong, Ginger, Whitening, Amarelli Licorice, Aquatic, and Cinnamon.

To guarantee its effectivity on every consumer, laboratory tests have established the functionality and efficacy of the Marvis toothpaste. Tests show an excellent combination of very mind abrasive power and cleaning activity.

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