Marvel fans, rejoice! Your favorite characters are joining the world of virtual reality in 2018.

The game called Marvel Power United VR will allow you to be any of the 12 marvel characters in the VR world, saving and destroying stuff.

Using the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers, players can smash enemies, use cannons, and maneuver power photon blasts among other things. You may play this game alone experimenting with your chosen character’s abilities or with your friends and together defend or destroy your territory.

As of this writing, the characters available are Captain Marvel, Incredible Hulk, Ronan the Accuser, and Rocket Racoon. Your chosen characters earn rewards, new content, and other surprises that will help you in all your quest for justice or just plain destruction.

Marvel Power United VR is created by Sanzaru Games, known for their other creations—VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil—and is exclusive to Oculus.

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Marvel Brings 12 Superheroes to VR in this Exclusive Game
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