Chocolate: Let’s face it, it’s basically one of those mandatory aphrodisiacs. Chances are, though, that you’ve never heard of the Manoa Hawaiian Bar – until now.

Manoa Hawaiian chocolate bars – dubbed ‘bean-to-bar chocolate’ – are sweet new treats from the Aloha State that allegedly hark of a different, better kind of chocolate. They’re sourced from the finest, purest cacao beans from around the globe and are lovingly made in Hawaii by a team of environmentally-conscious confectioners. Take a gander at a sampling from their online store (and we DARE your sweet tooth not to show up):

  • “66% Goat Milk Bar”: According to the makers, this wine connoisseur’s favorite marries sour cream, brown sugar and cheesecake, summoning a stringent goat cheese flavor.
  • “72% Hawaiian Sea Salt”:  A salty-sweet marriage of 72% dark chocolate and Hawaiian sea salts – including Black Lava, Oahu, and Molokai.
  • “Breakfast Bar”: A heaping of roasted cacao nibs and espresso beans, this 60% dark chocolate bar is a chocolaty, nutty, crunchy treat with a kick of espresso.

And lest you’ve forgotten about the benefits of dark (i.e. ‘real’) chocolate, it’s been scientifically proven to sharpen the mind, help release happy juices (dopamine, serotonin), reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and prevent or treat a variety of conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and gastric/intestinal disorder.

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