The Manly Man Soap Set will ensure that you never leave your shower smelling like Oil of Olay and Herbal Essence again when you’ve run out of your regular soaps and are forced into the humiliation of smelling like a dame. With four different soap options, this set has you covered in every aspect of bathroom hygiene. The Shavin’ Soap produces a thick lather and is made of coconut and castor oils as well as a pinch of the Bentonite Clay, which is a great shower bar for everyday use.

The Grit purports to get off oil and grease stains and vows that it’s “tougher than the work that put them there.” Last but not least, Activated Charcoal will have you smelling like Chuck Norris in that made-for-TNT movie, where he turns into the grizzly bear. Add a dash of Moonshine Cologne, and the ladies won’t know what hit ’em.

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Manly Man Soap Set
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