Our lives are getting more complicated and stressful with each passing day. So how can we relieve all of that stress and live better lives? The folks behind Emvio think they have the solution. They’ve created the first watch which can measure your stress levels and allow you to manage them before they affect you.


When you first put on Emvio, it’ll use your pulse rate to calculate your personal stress index. Depending on how you feel at the time, it’ll rate your current stress from 1-10. The smartwatch will then continuously track your stress levels as they fluctuate. How does it do this? It incorporates your heart rate as well as your physical activity and other biometric data. Emvio is also meant to serve as your personal coach and will provide you with targeted advice to manage your stress. It’s available in both Men’s and Women’s models featuring a variety of colors and materials. While it’s best to use it with a smartphone (for more detailed graphs as well as the coach feature), you can also use Emvio independently as well.


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Manage Your Stress With The Emvio Smartwatch
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