Dogs pee to mark their territory; others leave a scratch; and humans, well, we build borders, plant flags, and, soon, laser print our initials.

Using the technology galvanometer and a “patented and confidential” algorithm, Cubiio lets you mark different surfaces with a laser beam. To start off, you have to draw or choose a design through the Cubiio smartphone app, preview the design then position Cubiio along with the item the design will be carved in. Press start and enjoy.

What we like about this gadget is its size. When we think laser, we think of towering hospital apparatus. But Cubiio is the exact opposite. Measuring only 50 mm x 50mmx 50 mm and weighing 150 g, you can lift it with just one hand.

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Make a Permanent Mark with the Cubiio Laser Engraver
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