Alex Reed of Encinitas, California, has launched the LVO Backpack, one of the more stylish and functional packs we’ve seen in quite some time. Boasting extra padding at the front and back of the bag, where valuables are at their most vulnerable, Reed and Company have a winner on their hands (or should that be “shoulders”).

Probably the coolest feature that sets it apart from most packs is the fact you can use any set of headphones to listen to your music without appearing as if you have wires growing out of every orifice. The bag has a pocket for your mobile phone that connects to your headphones and threads through the shoulder strap on the back. It’s inconspicuous and user-friendly. Last but not least, the design choices espouse an elegant style that look very much “of the time” while managing to be timeless. In other words, they’re stylin’ now, and they probably will remain so 25 years from now. Early Bird is just $40. After that, it bumps up to $45.

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LVO Backpacks Are Packing Protection, Freedom, And Style
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