We can all agree that pickups are meant to be utilitarian vehicles right? Wrong. If you still think that pickup trucks are meant for handymen and manual laborers, then you haven’t seen these Luxury Car Pickup Truck Concepts.Created by Neomam Studios for Ford Transit Direct, these renders reimagine everything from the Lotus Elise and Lamborghini Urus to a Lexus LF-LC and, since this is a Ford initiative, even the Ford Fiesta RS has gotten a reimagining.


Now, before you get excited, please note that these are just renderings at this time. As such, we don’t have any pricing and availability information of any kind available. Heck, it’s even questionable whether or not these reimagined models will ever hit pavement.

If you’d like to peruse the various concepts then make sure you do so by clicking on the green “BUY” button at the bottom of this post.

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Luxury Car Pickup Truck Concepts Reimagine The Future Of Pickups
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