Unless you live in a small apartment, you probably know how frustrating it can be to have a WiFi signal which is less than reliable. With a dedicated solution like the Luma WiFi System you can actually eliminate dead wireless spots in a simple and straightforward fashion. Luma works by using multiple smart access points spread throughout your residence in order to blanket your entire living space with the best possible WiFi coverage.


In order to determine what the best configuration is given your unique home setup, the Luma app will actually give you recommendations on where to place the access points. It’ll also allow you to monitor usage on individual devices and set content filters/time limits for children making it a perfect solution for parents who are worried about adult content.

The Luma WiFi system not only creates a more secure network but a more efficient one as well. Given how important WiFi is to our various devices, getting one is pretty much a no-brainer.

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Luma Will Solve All Of Your WiFi Problems
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