Looking to go back to the land? We don’t blame you. In this overly populated and overly polluted world which is often filled with malice and artifice, surrounding yourself with nature is undeniably appealing to many amongst us. That being said you definitely don’t want to defile nature with man-made structures, either. Instead you should opt to live in a structure which is not only inspired by the natural world but also strives to use materials that are ecologically safe and responsible — something like the Armadillo Tea Canopy by Ron Arad. While you might think that it was designed simply to provide shade, this Tea Canopy can easily serve as a small home for those with a little DIY sense.


Made up of five molded shells made from modular components, the Armadillo is joined together by a visible brass wing head and bronze brackets. Each individual shell can be removed by the owner to let in more light or just change bring about a change of scenery. The total area which the Armadillo Tea Canopy takes up is just 20 square meters, making it perfect for those who are “into” the tiny home movement.

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Love Innovative Design? Check Out This Armadillo Tea Canopy
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