Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare… it never ends. Surely those people – who think everyone gives a damn about what they’re doing at every single moment of the day – have had enough attention? Apparently not.

Looxcie, pronounced look-see, is a video camera that fits over your ear and films everything you do (and see) at eye level. And while we’re not social media junkies ourselves, we have to admit, this is definitely a device that satisfies the inner-geek.

The camera has enough battery power to continuously record up to 4 hours of video. See someone get knocked out? Get flashed by a bus full of cheerleaders? Witness a robbery? Looxcie has you covered. Just hit the “instant clip” button and the last 30 seconds of footage gets packaged into a video file. The file is then sent to Looxcie’s mobile app via bluetooth, and can be shared through multiple social profiles online – all done automatically if preferred.

True, the video quality isn’t the greatest, but it gets the job done. The mobile app currently only works with most Android devices, but support for additional operating systems is expected to be available later this year.

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