People usually go to concerts to experience and enjoy that heart-blowing music that makes them feel alive again. Some people still prefer lower volume when at concerts due to how loud it can be, depending on how far you’re standing from the speakers. These people will really value the importance of the Loop Earplugs.

The Loop Ear Plugs pops into your ears and allows you to experience a perfect day or night concert without having to listen to that harsh music produced by huge concert speakers. It muffles the loud ambient sound so it will protect your ears from the unnecessary music volume. Unlike your traditional earplugs, it does not only block the noise. It is designed to allow you to hear the music clearly without muffling or distorting the sounds. Hence, you can enjoy the concert without distortion and placing your ears at risk.

The Loop Ear Plugs include an ear tip that can be attached to a ring-shaped body. In this way, it will look like you have small metal donuts stuck in your ears when you use it. The ring-shaped body is typically an acoustic resonator that works to mimic the natural resonance and the length of an individual’s ear canal. Thus, it can capture every external sound and send it to the integrated filter before it reaches your ear canal.


The integrated filter can decrease the amount of volume of the ambient sound by up to 20 decibels. This is sufficient to bring down that heart-blowing and deafening sound. Additionally, the Loop Earplugs come in 2 silicone ear tip sizes. It also has a tiny memory foam ear tips that allow you to adjust the feel until it reaches the point where it is most comfortable.

With the Loop Earplugs on your ears during a concert, you’ll never have to experience that harsh and deafening concert music.



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The Loop Ear Plugs Ultimately Eliminate the Damaging Frequencies at Concerts
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