Want to know the most interesting trend of 2016? The resurgence of connected photo frames. It’s like if everyone has collectively woken up from a tablet-induced dream and realized that dedicated devices actually have their place in our lives! Well, at least digital photo frames that actually pack tablet-like functionality, that is. Case in point, the new Loop Connected Photo Display. A device which features a high-res 10-inch screen and an intuitive interface based around two knobs. If you’ve ever used an old TV set from decades past, then you already know how to use the Loop Connected Photo Display.


In case you were wondering, the knobs are used to skip through individual photos and videos as well as select your photo/video source (e.g SD card, Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox). The device itself also supports voice and gesture controls and also offers an alternative control method by interfacing with your smartphone. More below.

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Loop Connected Photo Display Proves The Digital Photoframe Is Back
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