Loop Camera Sling from Luma is one of the coolest pieces of overkill you’ll probably see in the camera market. Loop acts merely as a sling for your camera, so that you can be ready to point and shoot whenever the mood best strikes you, whether it is at the 2011 AFC Championship game (Go Steelers!) or simply breaking in on one of your buddies to capture a still life of him on the toilet for later posting on Facebook.

The Loop Camera Sling is made from a higher class of material than most of its ilk, and it boasts multiple connect points so that you can decide how your camera rests on hip. The quick disconnect system is made from highly durable goods thanks in part to involvement from the U.S. military, and it will allow you to draw your camera faster than a crackshot in the Old West, or me with the ladies after a prolonged night of drinking. Well, maybe not that fast…

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Loop Camera Sling | By Luma
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