Do you want the best audio-listening experience known to man? Do you have $55,000 to spend on achieving that dream? If you’ve answered yes to both questions then keep reading on because when you’re done reading about the Sennheiser Orpheus your wallet will be $55,000 lighter but oh so much happier.
When asked about how they’d describe their new product’s design, Sennheiser called it a “unique work of art”, and that’s not far off from the truth. Each new Orpheus is handcrafted from richly veined Carrara marble, the reason being that marble can optimally protect the amplifier’s core and also helps improve the sound. Each Orpheus is also hand-assembled from over 6,000 different components which include such things as genuine leather cups, gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes, and dynamic platinum-vaporized diaphragms.


Sound like gibberish to you? All you need to know is that for $55,000 this pair of cans delivers unparalleled sound. Period.

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Looking For The Best Audio Experience? Look No Further Than Sennheiser's Orpheus
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