For the Apple fanboy who’s never satisfied with anything but the latest high-tech gizmos and gadgets comes the iPad 2 Keyboard Case from Logitech. Designed by ZAGG (most notable for their invisibleSHIELD)—marketed and manufactured by Logitech—the iPad 2 Keyboard Case:

  • Sports a folding hinge that accommodates the iPad 2 in either Portrait or Landscape mode.
  • Folds flush with the iPad 2 when not in use for an ultra chic, sophisticated look.
  • Boasts a full-size, nearly seamless Bluetooth keyboard that is rechargeable via USB.
  • Has a protective outer shell—made of high-quality, machined aluminum—and is lined with shock-absorbent material inside.

The iPad 2 Keyboard Case is a one-of-a-kind product, serving two purposes: it feels like a million bucks/looks uber-sexy, and provides robust protection against drops, scratches, dings, and other unwelcome incidents.

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Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2
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