Ever got to looking at your snazzy threads before a wedding or funeral – the only time we actually wear them – and think, “Hey, this thing could use a picture of my grandma extending her middle finger?” So have we. Good thing there is the Load Your Lining feature from A Suit That Fits, which allows you to upload your favorite image into the lining of your jacket.

In all seriousness, this could actually be a pretty cool sentimental gift. Like what if one of your loved ones purchased the jacket for you, and now they’re no longer around? We can definitely see how this option could be a cool way to commemorate a special event as well. So if you’ve got those boring old clothes just sitting around in your closet with no personality, think about Load Your Lining as a way to spruce up. Prices vary wildly based on the type of clothing and other factors.

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Load Your Lining from A Suit That Fits
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