Remember that meeting you had with your team a few months ago about that huge client project? You have a bunch of notes scribbled down, but when you try to think back to what was said, you can’t remember anything. The biggest problem with going back to notes after long periods of time is a lack of context.

Livescribe has found a way to put context back into note taking with the Echo Smartpen. The Echo, in conjunction with special Livescribe notebooks, captures surrounding audio to accompany any notes written down during a meeting or lecture. The notes are captured using a built-in high-speed infrared camera, so the recorded audio can be synced up with the handwritten notes. When you go back to your scribblings a week, or even a month later, just tap a note and hear the accompanying audio. Boom – instant context.

The Livescribe Echo is available in 4GB and 8GB capacities, offering 400 hours or 800 hours of audio storage respectively.

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Livescribe Echo Smartpen
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