Not convinced by smart bulbs like Philips Hue? Perhaps you should take a look at what the folks behind Ilumi have cooked up. Their variation on the smart bulb isn’t just another Hue clone and can do a whole lot more than just change colors. Ilumi features a brand new, never-before-seen smart bulb feature that allows it to analyze its surroundings and automatically output the sort of light which best matches your home’s decor.


That’s not all that Ilumi can do. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re waking up in on a beach in Maui then rejoice because this smart bulb will actually replicate the exact color temperature that the sun gives off, waking you up gently so you can face the day. Another great feature that Ilumi is capable of right out of the box is Spotify integration. You’ll never be accused of throwing lame parties again as your bulbs flash to the rhythm of your favorite jams. Convinced? You can get your own Ilumi by supporting them on Kickstarter today!

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Light Up Your World With Ilumi
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