It seems like everywhere you look there’s another color-changing smart lightbulb which is being touted as the next Philips Hue. While most of these light bulbs are the same, one of them stands out of the pack for being what is probably the only bulb to not only want to emulate Hue, but also surpass its capabilities.


Meet Lifx Color 1000, a $59 bulb ($30 cheaper than Hue) which packs a punch. It actually one ups Hue with superior brightness, efficiency, color accuracy, and third-party compatibility. Come to think of it, the Color 1000 actually outdoes Hue in nearly every category and features a superior smartphone app experience as well. Not only is the bulb itself cheaper, but it doesn’t require a $200 hub since it communicates with your gadgets through WiFi (and not Zigbee, the solution employed by Hue).

As we enter 2016, the Lifx Color 1000 is definitely the smart bulb to beat. You can order your own via their website directly.

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Lifx Color 1000 Smart Bulb Blows Hue Out Of The Water
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