Hot on the heels of its webOS announcement, LG has announced a curved 34-inch monitor with a focus on gaming. How so? Well, the LG 34UC87M includes support for AMD’s FreeSync which eliminates screen tearing and it also features a 21:9 aspect ratio, allowing you to see details on the screen which your 16:9 foes won’t see.

LG Monitor


The 34UC87M also features vivid, outstanding color thanks to its IPS panel. In addition to that, the curved display will actually increase your immersion in the game by tricking your eyes into thinking the screen is even larger than it is. Stacking two or four 34UC87Ms is easy and will allow up to 136 inches of gaming goodness. There isn’t clear pricing information on the 34UC87M at this time, but you can expect more information on pricing and availability to be revealed over the coming weeks once CES kicks off.

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LG's New Curved Monitor Is Aimed At Gamers
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