It’s not always that simple to tell if you’re burning calories. While you might think that you could simply tell by stepping on a digital scale every morning whether or not your diet is working, the truth of the matter is that fluctuations in water weight and other dietary variables cause scales to be somewhat inaccurate. That’s where LEVL comes in. Consider it was a “fat loss breathalyzer” of sorts, this product is actually able to tell you whether you are on the track towards weight loss by analyzing your breath — more specifically by detecting the amount of acetone in exhaled breath, which is an indicator of fat burned.

Once it’s detected this information, it’ll then be able to convert it into all sorts of graphics and statistics which it pushes out to its smartphone companion app. If this is the sort of product which you’d like to own then check out the link below. One caveat though: it’s only available in the Seattle area for the time being.

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LEVL Is A Smart Breathalyzer That Tracks Your Weight Loss
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