In all the years since the dry erase board first made its debut, why has it taken this blasted long to translate the slick, clean swiping feel to the standard notebook? Oh well, no use complaining. Letterforms has finally done it with a 40-page notebook that may seem a little steeply priced at $30, but is actually a great deal when you consider how you may never have to buy another notebook for as long as you live.

Okay, so maybe that’s overdoing it a bit, but this will last you a long time, whether you’re a student, designer, entrepreneur, coach — you name it. For the price the company is charging on Facebook, you’ll also get a couple of dry erase markers to go with it — a pair of Staedtler Correctable Markers in red and black. Thanks to the fine points, you won’t feel like you’re writing with a giant crayon.

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Letterforms Brings Dry Erase Board To Your Notebook
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