Have an insatiable affinity for vintage trucks? Do you have a spare 100-grand laying around to plop down on a fully-restored, customized truck from a past era? Read on.

The self-proclaimed “Old Dog, New Tricks” Legacy Power Wagons (by Wyoming-based Legacy Classic Trucks) are restored and customized luxury trucks painstakingly handcrafted over 600 hours by the artisan-mechanic genius of Winslow Bent and Erik Johnson. Here, have a quick gander at two examples: The Legacy Power Wagon Woodie Conversion is a 10-passenger, Jeep Wagoneer-esque truck (on mega steroids) conversion that boasts a 360hp-powered 5.9L Dodge Magnum V8 and real mahogany and ash wood on the body, doors, and interior. It also has all of the expected modern conveniences: A/C, leather seating, disk brakes, power steering and so on.

Then you have the 2-Door Legacy Power Wagon (see feature picture), an extensive beautification and customization of an old-timey Dodge Power Wagon. After restoration to its original condition, Bent and Johnson throw in all kinds of luxury touches and amenities, as well as more modern tech than you can shake a stick at. The outcome is, according to the Legacy Wagon dream team, one of the most rugged and durable truck conversions on the road, ever.

Seriously, though, old trucks have NEVER looked better outside the hands of the folks at Legacy Classic Trucks.

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