An exceptional click is only just a click away when you visit Harry’s. Made by a group of people who were tired of having to compromise between over-priced razors that disrespect your intelligence and low quality razors that disrespect your face, the folks at Harry’s set out to create a product which would offer a superb shaving experience at a reasonable price.


How exactly can they accomplish such a seemingly impossible feat? Well by manufacturing and designing their own products and then selling them directly online, Harry’s has been able to “shave away” (pun intended) the exorbitant prices associated with high quality shaving instruments. Their commitment is so great that they even purchased a German factory in order to manufacture their razors in-house rather than subcontract it out to some Chinese firm. And c’mon, you know the Germans make good stuff.

You can start getting an exceptional shave by visiting Pricing starts at $15 for their most basic set with replacement blades costing around $2 each after that.

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