A belt has only one, rather obvious, function: keeping your pants up. In other circumstances, leather belts might be used for things best left for discussion on a different kind of web site. (You know what to Google. I’ll wait until you’re back.) But here’s a novel idea you probably didn’t think of: walk on them.

Leather belt flooring by TING takes high quality leather belts, complete with puncture holes just so there’s no doubt you’re looking at real, actual belts, and bonds them to reconstituted leather backing to create floor tiles either 12 X 12 inches or 18 X 18 inches. The result is a strong, durable flooring that wears well, cleans easily, and looks absolutely unique. And if floors aren’t your thing, they’re also good for tables and bar tops, and even walls if you really want to.

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Leather Belt Flooring
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