From portable batteries, Bluetooth headphones, to phone chargers, you'll soon realize that you have a lot of accessories to count and bring with you on your daily activities or adventures. This is why the Lay-n-Go Wired Accent Bag came into existence. It's a life saver pack and organizer of the numerous accessories you'll need for the day.

The Lay-n-Go Wired Accent Bag is ideal for storing Bluetooth accessories, battery chargers, adapters, and other small things. It has easy-to-find compartments and it's pretty convenient to carry on a busy and loaded day. Apart from what was mentioned, this accent bag also has a zippered pocket that's perfect for thumb drives and SD cards.

You can simply hang the Lay-n-Go Wired Accent Bag with its attached handle, remove it from the hanger, pull the drawstring so you can place your things in, and tighten the strings to close the bag. Since it does not have a lot of fluffs, this accent bag is truly an easy travel or storage pack.

The Lay-n-Go Wired Accent Bag is a patented tech bag with a 19-inch cord. It allows you to easily pack your MP3 players, cords, and converters, then spread them out on your bed or any flat and clean surface so you won't have a hard time looking for your accessories. You can immediately find your electronic attachments and earpieces through its convenient, easy-to-open mesh storage compartments.

To summarize, the Lay-n-Go Wired Accent Bag has the following features and advantages:

  • Machine washable
  • Convenient Velcro hanging handle.
  • Easily organize items with mesh and zippered pockets
  • No more searching for chargers, cords, or adapters
  • Check all your electronic accessories at once. Pack up in seconds.

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