It’s not easy to find a good surface to work from when you’re away from the office. The road warriors out there have a particular sensitivity to this issue. Why keep trying to juggle your laptop, phone, notebook, and pens on your lap/seat when you could just invest in something along the lines of the Slate 2.0 Mobile LapDesk.


Made out of choice bamboo, the Slate 2.0 Mobile LapDesk is lightweight enough to never encumber you with needless weight. What’s more, it’s only as large as it needs to be meaning that it can fit in a large backpack or in a standard size carry-on bag. Features include a ventilation system that cools down laptops during long work sessions, an ergonomic design that balances your face to your body and promotes healthy body posture, and even an acrylic dry erase board that can be adjusted for both left and right-handed individuals.

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LapDesk Is The Best Way To Work On The Go
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