The post-WWII streets of 1940’s L.A. were riddled with film noire-style crime and patrolled largely by cigar-smoking, revolver-toting detectives and G-men. It marked a time when L.A. was drenched in bedlam and murder amidst smoky offices filled with pudgy, poker-playin’ gangsters and thugs wandering the dark inner-city streets. And that’s pretty accurate of the scenery in the L.A. Noire video game, where the player is immersed in a first-person POV detective role.

Respond to and investigate the multiple facets of routine street and traffic control, arson, and most importantly, homicide. In addition, you—the wise-crackin’ L.A. detective—are responsible for:

  • Witness questioning, crime scene analysis, and interrogating suspected perps.
  • Using your quick wits and logical problem-solving skills to gather evidence and piece clues together
  • Shaking your suspects down—breaking down their body language, demeanor, and claims.
  • Solving heinous crimes and mitigating serious plots—many of which are inspired by actual crimes of the day.

The player rises through the ranks as he accomplishes more, going from rookie cop to seasoned detective in one of the seediest, most corrupt locations in time ever.

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L.A. Noire
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