If you’ve been reading inStash for some time now then you know that we hate keys. They cause unnecessary pocket jangle and end up scratching our phones and getting caught with things they shouldn’t be caught in. If that weren’t enough, keys are notoriously difficult to find and even when you do find them you never quite know which one is supposed to go where. All of these reasons have made us very excited for the keyless future promised by Kwikset. Their new prototype smart lock does away with them altogether in favor of a Z-Wave enabled smartlock which will unlock with either a passcode or a pass of your phone.


Worried about what happens when your smart lock runs out of juice? Don’t worry, Kwikset has thought of that too. Their new lock actually uses four AA batteries in order to provide a year’s worth of keyless access. Once the batteries do start getting low, Kwikset’s built-in indicator will let you know that it’s time to change them. Easy as that.

There’s no word on pricing and availability just yet but we’re sure we’ll be hearing a whole lot more about this prototype once it goes into production.

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Kwikset Hopes To Do Away With Keys With Their New Smart Lock
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