Ask many Americans why they prefer beer over wine and they’ll tell you that it’s due to the fact that beer can keep longer. Once you pop open that bottle of wine, you’ve basically set yourself on a timer: finish this bottle of wine in 24 hours or the bacteria will get to it. When you’ve already spent a pretty penny on an expensive bottle, that can be especially frustrating if your significant (or best bro, we’re not judgmental here) other isn’t a big drinker. This scenario is precisely why you should be investing in a smart bottle solution like Kuvee.


Kuvee is a new piece of wine tech which ensures that oxygen doesn’t enter your expensive wine once you pop open that cork. It’s actually a wine delivery system, and swapping out bottles is so simple that you can use Kuvee for multiple bottles in a single night without ever running into any obstacles. There’s even a built-in touchscreen which shows you what you’re drinking alongside more in-depth information that you just won’t find on a regular label.

That’s not all, though. Kuvee is so advanced that it offers its own wine rating system and even lets you order more bottles right from the bottle you just opened. Pretty impressive, right? Your date will think so too — we guarantee it.

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Kuvee Keeps Oxygen From Ruining Your Wine
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