Apparently someone at KOHLER grew tired of hearing their spouse’s off-key renditions of today’s greatest hits and decided to develop the KOHLER Showerhead + Wireless Speaker combination instead. This device effectively drowns out the noise with its 7-hour battery life and superior audiophile-quality sound, which allows synchronization to one’s applications for both news and music options.

While the idea of it first seemed crazy to us at first, we can definitely see the awesomeness in getting a news-and-weather report while washing our unmentionables and crooning along to the latest release from One Direction Lamb of God. The only caveat that we can see is that it may bring an end to shower-singing altogether, and that’s something we’re sure our loved ones aren’t quite ready for.

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KOHLER's Moxieâ„¢ Showerhead + Wireless Speaker
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