The average person uses the toilet 2500 times a year, adding up to about 3 years of their life when all is said and done (and what is done on the toilet is better left unsaid). So it’s comforting to know that somebody out there is working to make the experience more convenient, sanitary, environmentally friendly, and even musical. And if the truly inexplicable accompanying image is any indication, chicks dig it. Or something. 

The Numi Super Toilet by Kohler is the most advanced toilet ever created. Its sleek, minimalist design makes it look like a toilet Steve Jobs would build, and it has features to match. This is a toilet that detects you approaching and raises the lid for you, as well as the (heated!) seat if it thinks you need it. It’s got a bidet with variable spray patterns like “pulsate”, “oscillate”, and “wave”, and a built-in air dryer. It automatically deodorizes itself with a charcoal air filter. It’ll even warm your feet. And it’s all controlled by a remote. Yes, that’s right, a remote for your toilet.

And if you tend to get bored while you’re doing your thing in there, the Numi has built-in speakers connected to an FM radio and an ipod connector for your own music. How you choose to accompany your toilet music is up to you.

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Kohler Numi | Super Toilet
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