“Voice services and connected devices have become integrated into every facet of the home – with the notable exception of the bathroom, until now,” says David Kohler the company’s president and CEO. True enough, we have seen countless devices that now work with Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and other names in between.

It is then not surprising to find startups which cash in on this technology. But ones that can do a really good job at it—especially ones that can marry form and function—are few and far between. So when we say Kohler Konnect Smart Home Products, Alexa-enabled devices, we knew we just have to feature them.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

Yes, even a mirror is now voice-activated (at least the lights that accompany it). But it’s not only that. This mirror is also motion-activated, which means it automatically lights up when it detects motion. This is particularly helpful at night when you’re too sleepy or drunk to turn on the lights.

PerfectFill bathtub and DTV+ showering system

Kohler Konnect really knows what we want. With this system, you can now have a customized shower experience—adjusted temperature and shower sprays with matching music and lighting—even without lifting a finger. Plus, with the PerfectFill bathtub, you don’t have to be standing right next to it waiting for it to be filled. You can simply walk away, have a coffee, and come back when the water level and temperature are enough for your liking.

Numi intelligent toilet

Remember those cold nights when you have to get up in the middle of the night to go number 2 then you forget to wear your slipper but are too lazy to go back in the room and get it? That’s a thing of the past now. This intelligent toilet offers foot warmer plus a heated seat and cleans your tush with the personal bidet while playing your favorite music. It has a touch-free flushing too.

Sensate® faucet

“Alexa, give me 5 cups of water.” That’s all you have to say and this faucet will automatically fill your container with 5 cups of water. No questions asked.

What’s more

Kohler Konnect syncs all these devices provided they are in range; hence you can sit at your coffee table while your bathtub is filling with water while your pot is filling water while your dog warms himself up near the toilet bowl—all without help from any of your fingers.

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