The KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker is a 400° Fahrenheit smoker that you can use indoors.  It allows you to smoke meat and other foods right in your kitchen. Hence, it allows every member of your family to get a chance to cook unique flavors of smoked dishes inside your home.

Whether you’re living in a condo, renting an apartment, or you simply want to enjoy a smoked brisket inside your home during the cold season, this stovetop smoker allows you to easily make your favorite smoked dishes. The KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker is built with 4 parts: the raised cover, grate, drip tray, and base unit.

The raised cover is high enough to allow you to fit an entire chicken and other large meat inside. On the other hand, the base unit is built from steel so it will be compatible with whatever type of stovetop you have, be it a compact camping stove, modern induction cooker, standard gas, and other electric units. Both the raised cover and base unit comes with high-temperature silicone situated on the smoker’s handle. By this, you’ll be able to easily move the smoker even when you’re in the middle of cooking.

The KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker can reach a temperature of 400° Fahrenheit to guarantee that you can cook and smoke your chicken and large chunks of meat like you’re using a backyard smoker or grill. According to Charcoal Companion, this smoker can cook a fish in just 15-25 minutes, a beef brisket in 19 – 20 minutes, and an entire chicken in just 60 to 80 minutes. However, if you’d like to smoke the food as a finishing touch, it will require you minimal cooking period.

To use the KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker, just place it on top of your stovetop and place a right amount of wood pallets inside then spread it. After which, set down the drip tray, place the grate on top, then place your food on top of the grate and leave it to cook.



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KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker allows you to Cook Smoked Barbecue Indoors
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