Just as the global economy still teeters on recession, our good ole’ Middle Eastern billionaires are currently planning their next exercise in monumental (quite literally here) excess. Kingdom Holding Company of Saudi Arabia, a company owned by the Saudi royal family, recently announced that it will be erecting the highest-ever skyscraper (pictured above) near Obhur and Jeddah.

You see, apparently the royal Saudis got word of the Burj Khalifa and, upon seeing it, they would not be outdone.

Just how tall will it be? Try one (1) ridiculously insane vertical mile. That’s over twice as high as the world’s current highest building—the 2,717 ft Burj Khalifa. It’s estimated that it will take any one of Kingdom Tower’s elevators a record 12 minutes to reach the top floor. 12 minutes!

Kingdom Tower will, reportedly, host shopping centers, hotels, and private residences.

Words alone cannot express how epically awesome (or staggeringly high!) the Kingdom Tower will be. In fact, it’ll stand so high that even those (given an unobstructed view) standing over 100 miles away could witness the majesty.

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