Microsoft is doing away with the controllers for its brand new motion-controlled system, Kinect (formerly “Natal”). Utilizing a special camera setup to track your movements, Kinect allows you to load up a game and just “jump in”. Hold your hands at “10 and 2” to steer a car in a racing game, let the camera watch your form as you do yoga alongside the instructor in a fitness game, or video chat with your friends 3,000 miles away.

The Kinect camera also has built-in face tracking technology, so as you move your head around the room, Kinect will always make sure you’re in the center of the frame.

At launch, there will be 16 games available for Kinect, all using you as the controller, but expect a lot of YouTube videos of people mimicking the “Star Wars Kid” once the Kinect Star Wars game is released later this year.

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